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Bio Careers Blog | Penn Medicine

Bio Careers Blog

Welcome to the Bio Careers Blog. Opinions expressed on this blog are those of the bloggers, and not necessarily those of Bio Careers. Any registered member of our community is free to post comments on the blog. Postings and comments must conform with the  RULES.
Judy Lytle

01.18.2017 |    3,508 |   reply |
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“Business Development” can mean different things, depending on the position you find yourself in, the company or agency that hires you, the size and mission of the organization, and any number of other factors. As the Director of Business Development for a small non-profit research institute, I can tell you that I wear a lot of hats. I thought I’d write a blog about what it is I do on a day-to-day basis – maybe you’ll see something appealing in it, and decide to go that route. I work with the CEO, the scientists, and the Board of Trustees to lead...

Christiana Davis

06.13.2016 |    4,794 |   reply |
No votes yet

Congratulations! Your resume has landed you an interview.  But to authenticate your work history, prospective employers ask for professional references. They want to know the person behind the resume. To help them do this, they either contact the references directly, or they enlist the services of Professional Reference/Background Checking agencies. Some...

Christiana Davis

03.16.2015 |    11,885 |   reply |
No votes yet

Learn all there is about the funding agency.  You may want to read (or review) one of my posts entitled “Writing Grants for Nonprofits - Where Do You Start?” In that post I emphasized the need to research your prospective funding agency. In the present post, I will share a few...

Dave Galgoczy

12.15.2014 |    6,971 |   reply |
No votes yet

“You’re a consultant! Be clear! Make a plan and stick to it! Don’t drone on and on! Back everything up with numbers!”  When I started consulting as a domain expert in energy and biotech, this was, more or less, the feedback I received from a friend of mine who was a...

Christiana Davis

11.12.2014 |    9,715 |   reply |
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There are many nonprofit organizations in your community who continuously seek funds to stay afloat.  As a life scientist, you have acquired most of the skills needed to successfully write a grant for a nonprofit. These include, researching, writing, editing and proofreading skills. But, where do you start? In the next...

Christiana Davis

10.13.2014 |    8,102 |   reply |
No votes yet

Letting data linger in our labs is very common in academia.  Most, if not all, Principle Investigators have data that may never see the light of the day. Do you wish you have more time to write scientific papers? In this present post, I'll share some tips on how to get...
Tags: getting control of your time, time management, unpublished data, writing schedule

Dave Galgoczy

08.27.2014 |    5,992 |   reply |
No votes yet

Hello Bio Careers community! To introduce myself, my name is Dave Galgoczy. I work in a few roles, such as an independent technology consultant with startup industrial biotech companies, and as an expert consultant for financial firms. Consulting fits my skills, interests, and need for variety, and allows me to lend...
Tags: how to become a consultant, how to start in consulting

Christiana Davis

08.25.2014 |    8,199 |   reply |
No votes yet

To become a competent and successful medical writer, there are skills you must acquire.  If you are a life scientist, you likely have some of these under your belt. This includes an in-depth knowledge of science and research. This background is vital in industry, where you are expected to combine your...
Tags: how to be a medical writer, how to write in industry

Christiana Davis

08.20.2014 |    14,768 |   reply |
No votes yet

You may have had a successful PhD, with publications in high-impact journals, a great mentor, and peers you got along with. You interviewed for the ideal postdoc position. Your presentation went well. All the people you interacted with during the interview welcomed you. Your personality seemed to be compatible with...
Tags: how to deal with office politics, office politics in postdoc

Christiana Davis

05.22.2014 |    10,872 |   reply |
No votes yet

We are often told to get our foot in the door. Yet, for most of us, finding the door is our greatest challenge. In fact, most foreign nationals find this to be true. Case in point, I am originally from Sierra Leone, West Africa. I completed medical training in Russia,...
Tags: how to network, networking for non-US scientists

Erica Taylor

06.05.2013 |    8,419 |   reply |
No votes yet

It is not often that one is asked to reflect and share experiences from one’s career.  I, like many others, spend the majority of my time examining and looking toward others who are much farther in their careers than I.  In fact, it might be a bit ridiculous for me...
Tags: career, goal, Life-path, planning

Darren Lafreniere

06.27.2012 |    21,485 |   2 reply |
No votes yet

To start, let me tell you a little about my profile back in 2005 when I started my MBA. I had a BA in Psychology, a 640 GMAT, and 5 years of experience running a small high-performance auto parts business. Hardly the ideal profile for a Consulting job. To start my...
Tags: consulting, industry, networking, recruiting

Darren Lafreniere

06.21.2012 |    30,109 |   reply |
No votes yet

Hello – my name is Darren Lafreniere. I am a Management Consulting Recruiting expert and former Management Consultant (A.T. Kearney) focused on helping B.Com, MBA and Advanced Degree students successfully navigate through the complex and challenging consulting application and interview process.  Since 2009, I have been teaching Consulting Interview Preparation workshops...
Tags: consulting, interview, management

Sarah Owen

06.04.2012 |    14,617 |   1 reply |
No votes yet

So why consulting?  What is consulting?  If you’ve seen the movie “Keeping the Faith,” Jenna Elfman’s character is a consultant and has a great quote: “I’m like a plumber, but I fix leaky companies.”  While clients who are not in trouble also hire consultants, in a basic sense, consultants help...
Tags: Business, consultant, consulting

Sarah Owen

05.31.2012 |    10,577 |   1 reply |
No votes yet

I was post-qualifying exam and officially a third-year.  Allegedly the “third year” status means that you have more time to focus on your research projects and that you’re almost done teaching.  It also seemed to mean that you were in this “gap” period in grad school: post-qualifying exam, yet far...
Tags: biotech, consulting, industry, PhD, postdoc

Sarah Owen

05.29.2012 |    19,231 |   1 reply |
No votes yet

Hello!  This is my first blog post here at Bio Careers, so let’s start off with a few random factoids.  I graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a PhD in Chemistry, where I dabbled a bit with sugar chemistry at the bench and studied aberrant glycosylation associated with...

Liang Zhang

03.14.2012 |    30,746 |   12 reply |
No votes yet

My life after obtaining a Ph.D. has been one that’s filled with change and opportunities.  Since I graduated from the Neuroscience Program at the University of Michigan last summer, I have launched campus organizations, led my own entrepreneurial team in exciting projects, became a postdoctoral fellow, and had a number...
Tags: consulting, entrepreneur, job summit, marketing

Sayali Kale

01.25.2012 |    11,325 |   3 reply |
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‘Blogosphere’. The place where an opinion, however obscure reaches an audience of millions ,heard, uncensored and in its true form .  Blogging is in my blood. Figuratively. I have been blogging for 5 years  and, for a 23 year old, that is not bad. But when Bio Careers gave me an...
Tags: biology, biotech, industry, job summit, MS

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