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Science: It’s a girl thing!

I had no idea that the European Commission had made a video to attract more women to careers in science before I witnessed the reactions of friends and fellow scientists in different social media. Within a few posts, I realized that either something must have gone wrong as scientists, both male and female, were not happy about how they are portrayed in the video.  If you haven’t seen it, follow this link


Will “reshoring” = restoring jobs in the USA?

It’s the same old song---contaminated drugs from China.  The news was reported by Laurie Burkitt in the Wall Street Journal  on April 17, 2012.  Chinese authorities halted the sale of 13 drugs, because the gelatin capsules used in manufacturing were found to have high levels of the heavy metal chromium.   The affected products included two antibiotics and 11 herbal products.  And as we hear over and over, cost pressures apparently provoked the producer to use industrial grade gelatin instead of food grade gelatin in the manufacture of these capsules.


Another Successful Summit

A big thank you to all of you who participated in our second Virtual Job Summit in early April.  You made it a big success!  Our participating employers were pleased with the quality of the scientists they met.Thanks also to Coach Tom and Lauren Celano, who devoted their time to giving one on one advice to scientists who needed job search strategy, resume, and interview help.  These sessions were also a great success, judging by the comments of some jobseekers who availed themselves of these opportunities.


Queuing at the Summit

One of the problems with last fall’s Job Summit that we heard back from you about was that some booths were terribly overcrowded, and it was hard to reach a recruiter even during their Office Hours.We heard you!For the Spring Summit, there will be a link at each booth to a sign up sheet.  You can place your name on the signup sheet any time between Feb 1st and the Office Hours on April 4th and 5th.  Recruiters will use the list to invite you to a one on one chat.


Employers at the Summit

We’re getting very excited about this Spring’s Job Summit, which opens Feb 1st (you can begin reviewing the Employer Booths) with live days on April 4th and 5th (you can video chat with Employers during their Office Hours).


October 2011 Job Summit Well Attended

Bio Careers held our first Virtual Job Summit last fall, and we were gratified that the event was so well attended.  Over 600 postgraduate scientists attended, spending over 50 minutes on each of an average of 50 visits to the Summit.  Since you all love statistics, here they are for last Fall’s Summit:• Attendees:  610• Booth Entries:  2839• Avg time in Event: 50.5 mins• Videos viewed: 317• Document Viewed: 1489

Lauren Celano


Tips on Preparing for the Bio Careers® Virtual Summit

The Bio Careers® Virtual Summit scheduled on October 3rd and 4th provides graduate students, postdocs, and alumni an opportunity to learn about companies that are hiring and also gain insight from the presenters about job search tips and career strategy.  The summit provides an opportunity for jobseekers to interact with hiring professionals and express interest in roles. As a recruiter, I like to see the following when a candidate talks with me about a role: Self-awareness for your career choice:


The Hot Word Today

Information seems to be the hot word today. It’s one of those slippery concepts that exists in a somewhat definable way in mathematics and science – particularly in information theory – but it is a hot item with or without a precise way to define it. Just look at finance, media, or a zillion other things hitting your inbox daily.

Reineke Pohlhaus

Is there a PhD problem in the United States?

This is an interesting question, but it is not the first time in recent history that folks have been asking it. Here are a few other related questions that have been floating around: Is PhD supply greater than demand?  Is the Federal government providing enough support to maintain research capacity?  Is funding support distributed to the right institutions?


Education and Hard Work - Necessary, Though Not Sufficient

The theme of this posting is ‘Educated, Unemployed and Frustrated’ and it is a commentary/response on the article by the same name from the March 20 edition of The New York Times. The original article was written by Matthew Klein. The main thesis of Mr. Klein’s article is that recent graduates (both of undergraduate and graduate school degrees) are having trouble finding work, esp.